Thursday, February 6, 2014

Impala Doc Reorg - January 2014

When Impala started, many of the early adopters were experts in HiveQL, so the Impala documentation assumed some familiarity with Hive SQL syntax and behavior. The Impala SQL reference info was relatively low-volume, more of a quick reference. Now there's more functionality to talk about, and more users are starting with Impala straight from an RDBMS background and need the full details from the ground up. So the Impala docs are reorganized a little, to set the stage for further expansion. No pages are going away, so you won't get any 404 errors. Large pages (particularly in the SQL reference and Security areas) are being split up, making the navigation tree in the left sidebar more useful for jumping between related subtopics. Here's the current layout, with bold indicating topics that were recently split out into their own separate pages: